Makassar, also known as Ujung Pandang, is the largest city in Sulawesi with a population of more than 1.2 million. It is an important transportation hub with a large port that has dominated trade in the region for centuries.

Makassar waterfront, the port can be seen in the background

The city is very hot, and even hanging out near the waterfront does not help much. We checked out the area near the waterfront and Fort Rotterdam. In the southern part of the waterfront, you can find the floating mosque. In the evenings, many people hang out in the area, and food stalls selling sweet bananas with chocolate show up.

Floating mosque of Makassar

We also visited the central market, a maze of tunnels filled mostly with clothes, and the smaller fish market south of the floating mosque (there also is a larger one, north of the very large port area).

With the exception of the waterfront area, it’s not much fun to walk around in Makassar on foot because of the heavy traffic. Better go by motor bike, pete-pete, or ojek, like everybody else does.

Calm street in Makassar, near the waterfront

We met many friendly, open and very interested people in Makassar who wanted to talk to us out of curiosity or to practice their English.


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