The city of Tentena lies at the northern tip of lake Poso in Central Sulawesi. It’s a small, predominantly christian town that is famous for the eels and gold fish which are caught in the lake. Sadly the road from Rantepao to Tentena is in pretty bad shape, and the 360km took us about 15h.

The road from Rantepao to Tentena could use some attention in some places.

There’s not much going on in Tentena itself, but it is an excellent base for exploring the surroundings with a few restaurants and hostels.  And it is not that hot in Tentena because it is a few hundred meters above sea level.

The water in the lake and river is very clear, as you can see from the two bridges which connect the 2 parts of the city at opposite riversides.

Near the bridges in Tentena (you can see a tiny part of the concrete bridge on the right, behind the wooden building. The wooden bridge is directly to the left).

We visited a waterfall near a Balinese village and a beach on the western side of lake Poso. You may have seen way too many waterfalls already in Indonesia, but this is one of the better ones.

Waterfall west of Tentena


Beach at lake Poso

We stayed at the great Losmen Tropicana hostel. There we also met Nyong, a guide with whom we went on a 2 day rain forest trek west of Tentena.


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