Most travelers go to Ampana because you can get to the Togean Islands easily from its port. There is a public ferry from Amapana to Wakai on the Togeans on most days, and the more expensive speed boat goes there daily — if the weather permits. Better plan an extra day to get to and from the Togean Islands, maybe even two if you need to catch an expensive international flight.

Coconut plantation on the way from Poso to Ampana

To get to Ampana, we took a public car (11 people, 1.5h) from Tentena to Poso. There we changed to a minibus which took about 4.5h to get to Ampana. The street from Poso to Ampana is in excellent condition and also offers great views.

Ampana bay


Ampana is a nice small town stretched out along the water in a long bay. It has various ATMs and banks now. You will have to spend the night there to take the ferry in the morning, so take the time to visit the market and the port area.

At the market in Ampana

We stayed at Marina Cottages, where Eddie at the info desk speaks good English and has lots of information on the Togean Islands.

The port of Ampana



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